Apocalypse Tanks can easily take on vehicles with their powerful main guns and can crush almost anything under their massive threads. Their special ability is to activate an energy barrier that protects the tank for a long time.

Good and Bad


  • Effective on Vehicles and Boats
    • Can crush anything smaller than itself: including medium vehicles and heavy infantry
    • Very heavy armor
    • Self-Repairing- even if Heroic Level isn't achieved by the tank
    • Destructive twin 125mm Drakon HEAT cannons
    • Costs only 1500 if Mass Production upgrade is authorized
    • Can be airlifted by a Twinblade Combat Gunship
    • Can beat all of its counterparts from the other factions in a 1-on-1 fight
    • Unstoppable if combined with the Iron Curtain
    • Probably the most powerful tank in the war (the only true rival is the Allied Future Tank X-1)
    • Much heavier armor than it's predecessor
    • When fully promoted cannons can annihilate infantry quick
    • Cheaper than Kirov, Future Tank, Giga Fortress and some other Tier 3 units

Greater firepower and armor than the Rhino Tank.

  • Cheaper than 2 Rhino Tanks ($1750, you save $50 for each Apocalypse Tank created).
  • In general, Apocalypse Tanks make better distracting units than Rhino Tank due to their heavier armor. Because of this they are less vulnerable to Artillery fire and other splash damage, and are much harder to kill.
  • Able to self-repair.
  • Cheaper than Kirov Airship and Battle Fortress.
  • Can attack air units, especially Rocketeers since their HE missiles are somewhat lethal against them.
  • In desperate situation, 4 Apocalypses can shoot down a Kirov very quickly.
  • Cannons shoot twice as fast when promoted to Veteran.
  • Anti-air missiles shoot twice as fast as before but still have the same firepower when promoted to Veteran, or Elite. This will allow more units to be targeted.
  • Able to destroy most light units in a single volley and others in just a few.
  • Can one-shot all infantry units when Elite.
  • Can defeat most units in one-on-one matches, including Tank Destroyers.
  • Extremely powerful when Elite.
  • Can survive direct hits from the Nuclear Missile or Weather Control Device.
  • 4 Black Eagles are required to take down a single Apocalypse Tank.
  • Truly unstoppable if Elite and combined with the Iron Curtain.
  • Firepower upgrade from crates and combined with the Elite status, Apocalypse Tanks can even take out the advanced base defenses in a single volley (Prism Towers, Tesla Coils) or buildings (Power Plants, Battle Labs), and its AA missiles starts to explode on impact, capable of destroying even a Harrier in one shot.
  • A single Apocalypse tank can defeat two Rhino tanks. A single Apocalypse Tank can also defeat 4 Grizzly tanks or 4 Lasher tanks.


  • Weak in Groups of Units
  • High in Value produce
  • Needs Pirate Battle Lab/ Soviet Battle Lab