Assault on America
Conflict: Revenge of the Scrin (BC)
Date: December 21, 2058
Place: United States of America
Result: Scrin Victory


USA Homeland Security



President Donald Reg


Large amounts of Drone Ships, Buzzers, Stormriders and Gun Walkers

Large amounts of Militia and Military personnel



Over 309,913,000 Civilians and Military

The Assault on America (B.C) was the last primary operation for the Scrin (B.C) to invade both South and North Americas as their objective to complete the destruction of both continents' humanity and serve under the Scrin's reign of terror.


The Canadian Army was destroyed with Canada occupied and thousands of civilians killed in the process. With Canadian Prime Minister Lorn defeated, US President Donald Reg said that the United States of America will be the last target for the Scrin (B.C). The Overlord who commands the alien invasion, wants a huge amount of Drone Ships to be ready for the attack. He also includes a lot of Buzzers, Stormriders and Gun Walkers to be helped with this main task. All cities are heavily defended by Reg's forces and on December 21 2058, the final task had started approaching from the air as Drone Ships establish land invasions across the United States of America.

The BattleEdit

Drone Ships established bases across the United States in order to build a lot of Gun Walkers, Stormriders and train Buzzers. The US military tried to bring down the invasion force to quickly prevent the situation from worsening. The Scrin attacked them as they defended their bases and destroyed much of the land these aliens needed the most. They captured key cities across the USA as the Scrin (B.C) blew up a lot of key US bases that attempted to either make an attack or surrender in front of these rendering forces. The cities were captured all over with the aliens having light casualties and the US President's casualties were too high. Having to admit defeat, US forces surrendered in front of the Scrin without any more fighting between them and the alien invasion force.


All USA Homeland Security forces were destroyed as the casualties rose over 309,913,000 of both civil and military personnel as US forces surrender in front of the Scrin. The invasion was complete with both ocean fleets destroyed and until 2062, the Scrin left the two continents without any open combat ever again. The Scrin had occupied the two continents for at least four years from both 2058 to 2062.

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