Assault on Canada (B.C)
Conflict: Revenge of the Scrin
Date: April 25, 2058
Place: Canada
Result: Scrin Victory


Canadian Armed Forces



Prime Minister Lorn


Scrin Invasion Force

Canadian Army



  • Under 34,199,000 were killed
  • Some escaped to Great Britain

The Assault on Canada was an attack made by the Scrin, this time targeting Canada. Back in 2047, most of Canada was in a yellow zone while the areas of southern Ontario and Quebec were designated as blue zones.


The Assault on South America (B.C) and Assault on Cuba (B.C) were done as the Scrin started to make their third move. They plan to attack Canada where the humans plot to take down the Scrin invasion. The Overlord decided it was time for the third strike. On April 25, 2058, the Assault on Canada commenced with a full invasion of the country. The Canadian Prime Minister, Lorn knew that if Canada is under attack, chances are that the Canadian Army will push them back using anti-air fire and let them retreat back to space.

The BattleEdit

The Scrin used their invasion force to destroy the army and cities within the country. They had to do their objectives under the Overlord and destroy every human in Canada so that the entire country can be captured right under the Scrin's rightful wing of terror. Meanwhile, Lorn gets every soldier all over the country to fight off the ferocious invasion before it is too late. The Scrin had a lot of Canadian cities destroyed and a lot of civil plus military personnel getting killed in the line of duty. With Lorn underestimated and defeated, the Scrin proved victorious in their invasion plan to defeat the entire Canadian army.


Canada suffered its worst day and night in North America's own territory. All of its cities were destroyed and the Scrin swamped them with everything they have. Under 34,199,000 civilians were killed including most of them were in the army. Fortunately, some of the evacuations were successful for the Canadian Army and were taken to Great Britain where it saw the Scrin attack. The world also saw the shock of their lives after three assaults on South America, Cuba and now Canada. US President Donald Reg declared that the Scrin could attack the United States next, but for another eight months to come through for now.

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