• Germanzombiecomeback

    (I know the wiki is dead. So i'm currently overtaking  this wiki.) 

    Anyway, Germanzombiecomeback here is speaking. By the future, the talk is page is open to unit suggestion's. Although, the Major will have to do that first before the Minor. 

    So, write your own suggestion in your notebooks and post it in my talkpage before i put the Faction accepted technology in the suggestion rules 

    Good Luck!

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  • Freeman23

    How About you design a faction for Red alert 3 That comes from and alternate history where The Nazi's got control of earth. Perhaps they even have nuclear weapons. Not those lame ones from Command & conquer Generals but ones that could really destory a entire base like in Comand And Conquer 3 Tiberium wars.

    We envision Nazi's has begining the evilist Society of all time so why not make their technology and warfare strategy over zealously evil. Hey why not put their orginal top secret weapon projects to be used as the protocols.

    Enjoy this idea, then write me a comment and see if you want to try making it.

    Don't forget to make it an installtion not a just slip into the mod folder type okay.

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