The High Tier of the Allied Airforce is the Century Bomber

Good or Bad


  • Highly destructive bombs
  • Can take on board up to 5 infantry units and paradrop them behind the enemy lines.
  • Heavy armor
  • Can be upgraded with Advanced Aeronautics which increases its bomb capacity
  • Much faster than Kirov Airship
  • A squadron of 4 century bombers with Advanced Aeronautics can destroy even the toughest buildings in a single bombing run
  • Perfect for dropping Tanya in the middle of an enemy base.


  • Expensive ($2000) and Requires Maximum Clearance (Tier 3)
  • Limited Ammo,So it will repeatably return in order to Rearm
  • Production is limited to the amount of empty slots on an airfield
  • MiG fighters, Jet Tengus and rogue Apollo fighters pose a threat
  • Not as tough as Kirov
  • Paratroopers are dropping down slowly thus they are an easy target for anti-air
  • Can't return to base on Command
  • Inaccurate on some targets and, as such, many bombs are wasted.