Genocide's Power Plant

Command and Conquer


Proposed Mod



To bring the command and conquer universe together with even more technology.


Free for anyone willing to help in the construction of The ulitmite Command & Conquer Mod

Director of Concept and Creation


Freeman23 may lack the resources to be able to create a mod, but he has help, to whom it may concern. Let it be known that too long has their been anyone who has directed the creation of a mod. I lack not the creativity or concept detail to be able form a modifcation to game that lives in the eye of the beholder as such as Command & Conquer has been for me. I take it upon myself to courdinate the production and creation of a new formation of unified and just fans.

I will not be able to help develop this mod with talent as though you may conceal. But, I have the leadership and motivation to lead those who shall design a newand greater mod than any past before. Who's with me, Who shall come to my aid as we move to a greater future. one that will inspire all gamers for years to come. Those who join, shall reap the benfits in a new experince.

I am merely her to cordinate and serve as one of may concept designers for our future in the months to come! follow me now In victory for a new creative Future.