A Commando is a powerful infantry unit that can slay infantry and defeat structures.

Nod Commando

Following the Firestorm Crisis and the deactivation of the majority of the cyborg army, Nod needed a replacement for their Cyborg Commando units, which were nigh unstoppable, but had to be scrapped following CABAL's revolt. To this end Nod began to train their own human Commandos, who have to undergo a training regime one can only describe as "sadistic". Instead of being men with heavy armour and powerful weapons, like the old commandos still utilised by GDI, these are women trained to use their agility and speed to accomplish mission objectives. Due to the high standards, few commandos were available during the war; typically, commanders were only allowed to have one on the battlefield at a time. They are also fanatically loyal to Kane; in fact, a commando shot one of her comrades full of holes after he spoke out against Kane, during a mission in the Italian Hills.

They are an equal match when upgraded against GDI counterparts. Nod commandos are also armed with detonation packs, which are extremely effective against structures, but prefer laser handguns, which can cut through infantry. The heat and power of the lasers are also capable of slicing through light vehicles, such as the Pitbull. They also have portable stealth generators, and can cloak themselves when standing still. The commando training program is under the jurisdiction of the Black Hand of Nod, and so Black Hand commanders have increased access to more experienced commandos, often being able to spearhead an offensive with two heroic commandos. To respect the Black Hand's stance on optic camouflage, these commandos choose not to use their stealth generators.<br

GDI Commando

The Commandos became a regular frontline GDI unit once again in the Third Tiberium War. Backed by 50 years of tradition, they are the results of a powerful training program, with a 22% fatality rate and 97% recruits never reaching the end of training. Typically, only one commando at a time was allotted to a commander-due to the expenses of equipping one, and in addition to the scarcity of such elite graduates.

The next generation Commandos wear full suits of heavy body armour with an integrated jump jet unit. They are also equipped with prototype high rate-of-fire assault railguns which can tear apart infantry and, if given enough time, light vehicles like the Attack Bike. And, like their predecessors, carry a large amount of Det-packs (basing on an exotic chemical) for building demolition. One of their key abilities is destroying enemy Mechanized walkers by planting explosives on their legs. To maintain fitness GDI commandoes usually do one handed push ups when idle.

Lt. Fullerton, the commander of Stuttgart GDI forces was a Commando and was instrumental in retaking the city from the Scrin. Higgins and Conrad are commandos used extensively in GDI recruitment videos and posters.


The Commando is very adept as a spy and saboteur on the battlefield, capable of destroying structures and mechs with a single round of explosives. He also is equipped with a powerful rifle capable of killing infantry. The Commando has a unique special ability. He can, using his skills as a spy, assist another soldier in becoming a body double for him, making him twice as hard to find! Requires the Tacitus Library and the Training Grounds.