Buildup to RevoltEdit

By the end of the first decade of the twenty second century Global Tiberium Industries ruled the world through its control of Tiberium. While there were numerous minor uprisings around the world these were crushed swiftly. However in Europe orders to fire upon a number of peaceful protests against GTI's authority in the mid 2130s led a number of GTI EVA operatives and troops to flee and go underground. The GTI didn't see these defections as a serious threat since the defecting troops were forced to abandon almost all of their equipment in the process. However one of the defectors was the son of a former Brotherhood of Nod engineer who had worked at a factory building prototype sixth generation MCVs for Nod. The former engineer claimed that while the factory's production equipment was ruined the storage space for the completed units was intact though buried. The League soon salvaged the units and along with an independent EVA network created by League friendly hackers by modifying a black market copy of the Third Tiberium War era Eva programs, and new weapons and vehicles created by engineers and design teams rejected by GTI, often created by modiffying old GDI or Nod hardware, they prepared to strike.

The WarEdit

Roughly two years after the EIL was formed League commanders began their struggle for independence by identifying a number of targets considered crucial to GTI operations in Europe and assigning their new MCVs to the most vital ones. While most of the initial strikes went well leaving a number of key cities and Tiberium fields in League hands, several sites resisted the attacks, and on the third day of the rebellion a number of prototype eighth generation MCVs, a return to the traditional form of MCV and Construction Yard after the seventh generation Crawlers, launched attacks on the flanks of League held territories. This set the patterns of four years of war with the League slowly gaining ground on most fronts as increasing unrest world wide prevented GTI from focusing their full force on Europe. In the end GTI and EIL negotiated a treaty recognizing EIL's control of most of Europe.


In tte wake of the war an arms race began as GTI sought a weapon that would enable them to crush the upstart EIL, and EIL sought a means to counter GTI's greater numbers and resources. Border skirmishes were common and in the end the EIL would pursue Project Raven unknowingly ushering in the near destruction of humanity

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