Global Tiberium Industries or the GTI was a corporation descended from the former Global Defense Initiative. It swiftly formed a monopoly on legal Tiberium research and use and within three decades of its founding it had turned the world into a corporate state ruled by it. This would last almost 25 years until the European Independence League formed launching the European War for Independence also commonly known as the Fifth Tiberium War. The war lasted four years and when it was over GTI's holdings in Europe had been reduced to Ireland and a few islands off of the continent's coast. After the war there was an arms buildup which would have inevitably led to a second war had the EIL's Project Raven not gone out of control leading to the Raven War which so devastated Earth that humanity launched a massive space exploration effort developing the Jump Drive and establishing colonies outside the solar system by 2200.


The GTI security forces were equipped with a number of highly advanced walkers, hover vehicles, and aerial units. Common weapons included Rail Guns, Ion Beams, and missiles. GTI units tend to have heavy armor at the expense of speed, other than specialized scout units.

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