The Allied Guardian Tanks are standard MBTs armed with a 150mm Rail-Gun and have a special ability that switches to a Targeting Laser which reduces the armor of an enemy.

These tanks are weak to tier 3 units and aircraft.

At the Fanon Story

It serves as Commander Chase's vehicle of Choice and Paw Patrol and the Allies Main Battle tank


  • Target Painter= gives allies additional firepower against the marked vehicles

Good and Bad


  • It has the most powerful gun of the main battle tanks
  • Cheapest main battle tank
  • Laser designator increases damage done by all weapons on target
  • Good speed and maneuverability.
  • Can be upgraded with high-technology upgrade to grant it more power
  • Tougher armour than that of Tsunami tank


  • Vulnerable to anti-tank infantry and aircraft
  • Not amphibious
  • Armour not as tough as that of a Hammer tank
  • Rate of fire is somewhat slower than that of the other MBTs
  • Vulnerable against Soviet Terror Drones