Interstellar civilization




Revenge of the Scrin (BC)
Third Tiberium War



The Scrin is an alien race that conquers Earth during the Third Tiberium War in 2048 and makes their major return in the Revenge of the Scrin (BC) ten years after their first invasion plan had turned into a defeat.


The Third Tiberium War was a massive defeat for the Scrin where they escaped from Threshold 19 in Italy. They had defeated both the Brotherhood of Nod and the Global Defense Initiative in four locations as the two human factions fight against them in the same number of locations. The Scrin returned in 2058 to destroy the human population as they made a lot of assaults, ending it with the destruction of everyone on Earth. This ended in 2062 with the Scrin ruling Earth and were victorious in their major plan of attack. All of the leaders were defeated in their battles to stop the Scrin from destroying Earth.


Foot SoldiersEdit

Buzzer - Anti Infantry
Disintegrator - Anti Vehicle
Assimilator - Engineer
Cultist - Mind Control
Shock Trooper - Heavy Infantry
Ravager - Elite Commando
Mastermind - Special Forces


Gun Walker - Anti-Infantry
Seeker - Light Tank
Devourer Tank - Heavy Tank
Mechapede - Support Tank
Corrupter - Support Tank
Reaper Tripod - Heavy Assault Walker
Eradicator Hexapod - Epic Unit


Stormrider - Light Fighter
Devastator Warship - Artillery Battleship
Planetary Assault Carrier - Aircraft Carrier
Mothership - Bombardment
Drone ship - Command Center

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